1.26.2016 City Council Meeting Minutes


January 26, 2016
7:30 PM

Call to Order
Mayor Melanie Hammet called the meeting to order at 7:33 P.M. Present were Council members Jean Bordeaux, Erika Brown, Tonja Holder and Megan Pulsts. Council member George Chidi was not present. Also present were City Attorney Laurel Henderson, City Administrator Valerie Caldwell and Police Chief Saria Y’hudah Green.

Pledge of Allegiance

There were not any at this time.

Adoption Of Agenda
Holder moved to adopt the agenda; seconded by Bordeaux and approved 4-0.

Appointment Of Mayor Pro-Tem
Holder moved to nominate Brown; seconded by Bordeaux; then Bordeaux moved to nominate Pulsts; seconded by Brown. The vote was 1-0 for Brown and Pulsts was approved by a 3-1 vote as Mayor Pro-Tem for 2016 (a one year term).

Appointment of the MAP (Municipal Arts Panel)
Hammet read the mission statement of the newly formed MAP and appointed Diane Durrett-Chair, Eva Sotus, Corey Barksdale, Dan Edwards and Olive Weeks as members. Holder said the MAP places the city in position of applying for a variety of grants.

Public Comments
There were not any at this time.

First reading of the revised R-1 (residential component) of the Zoning Ordinance
Bordeaux provided the first reading which was followed by public hearing and public comments.

Public Hearing on the revised R-1 (residential component) of the Zoning Ordinance
Hammet explained the procedure by which the hearing would be conducted.

Brian Engle, 4562 Orchid Drive stated that the core group for the proposed zoning ordinance had done a great job. He also addressed modest improvements as it relates to the ordinance.

Mayor Hammet asked the audience for those in opposition of the ordinance by a shoe of hands. She also asked for a show of hands for those in agreement.

John Weeks, 534 Pine Drive addressed Section 4 & 5 of the ordinance relating to affordable sub-terrain square footage. He also talked about the ten foot setback requirement, and recommended building be down and not out.

Brian Engle, 4562 Orchid Drive addressed parking standard of Section 8, 5 & 6. He also talked about his parking situation and the environmental impact. He said that his lot is tight and this section of the code is a concern. The Mayor asked if his specificity was in his written comments.

Glen Weinstein, 4557 Ridge Drive said that he liked living in Pine Lake and that there are enough apartments in the city. Weinstein addressed crime and requested council remove the language of any new development other than for residential homes. He had a concern of density as it relates to new development. The Mayor asked for clarification of the property and Weinstein said it was the fencing area down by the apartments on Ridge Drive.
Mayor Hammet thanked Council and everyone that has taken the time to write about the passionate subject of zoning.

David Brachman, 4558 Park Drive commented on the proposed fence increase lot coverage. He said that his garage floods and addressed storm water and the lake issues. Brachman recommended that an eco-system study be performed and for the 25% lot coverage remain.

Mick Kinney, 440 Clubhouse Drive said that the run off is bad and that he has a civil engineer background. He said his square footage was not the only run off. Mr. Kinney also said that the 35% lot coverage is reasonable and recommended it. Mr. Kinney also talked flooding and provisions for request of variances.

Feliz Durmas, 4557 Ridge Drive commented about her concern of blanket statements within the ordinance and also asked if there are any links and references as what was taken out of the existing ordinance. She also said that the public has also made their concerns known about the north and west side of the city not to add additional apartments and that this has not been addressed. Durmus stated that the public opinion has not been reflected in the proposed zoning ordinance. She stated that she would like the changes that are not wanted to be reflected as to avoid conflicts in the future.
Lynn Nyggard, 648 Laurel Road stated that she appreciated the work from members of Council that has gone into the putting together the previous code and the proposed zoning code. Nyggard said that her concern was regulations of fenestration and that she opposed the new lot coverage. She also said that she has concerns of the types of materials as it relates to building.
Stephanie Spiller, 6006 Iris Road said that she was in favor of raising the impervious surface to 35% of the lot coverage and that it will give residents incentive.
Brian Engle, 4562 Orchid Drive and a new resident said that he would like to know how the administration, Mayor and council will respond to citizen comments in the future. Pulsts said that all of the emailed comments submitted are in the packets and will be entered into the official minutes. He said that he does not want to see any of the green space developed especially on Rockbridge Road. Engle asked council what was the game plan for future development.
Filiz Durmas, Resident, 4560 Ridge Drive asked about accessory dwellings and buildings and stated that it was confusing about the setbacks for a building was and for a dwelling. She addressed parking spaces and it would affect the tree surface and canopy.

After hearing all comments the hearing was closed by Mayor Hammet and the council discussion began. Written public comments submitted for consideration are on file at City Hall.

Council Comments
Brown talked about the consensus and complimented Pulsts and Bordeaux. She also recommended another Town Hall Meeting and to come back with additional comments.
Bordeaux said that planned development issue distinctions between R-1 and Uptown District. She also commented about the square footage and lot density for the R-1 district and that it is not much different from the current density. Bordeaux recommended moving forward on the commercial zoning revision.
Pulsts talked about tiny house villages and said that it is equal to a planned development opportunity. She said that public hearings and notices will be posted if presented and re-zoning would be required. She also recommended the language to adopt the International Building Code in the proposed zoning code. Pulsts recommended discussion and conversation on the fence ordinance. She said that previous codes were complicated and that the new code has been simplified so that the residents can understand them. Pulsts suggested more public meetings.

Holder recommended that citizen comments be part of the records. She also stated that Town Hall meetings do not have the same impact as public hearings. A new survey was also recommended and she will collect the information.

Brown recommended a consensus among council if voting on the code at the next meeting and to get clarification from the city attorney regarding R-1 as it relates to planned development. Henderson replied that rezoning was required. She also stated that design standards are not in the draft ordinance. Brown also proposed a questioner to be available at the next meeting, on the website and at City Hall.

Bordeaux suggested taking comments from the community and having structural meetings and to have additional comments before another meeting.
The citizens are recommended to send public comments to Caldwell and she will send to council.

It appearing additional consideration and input was needed, the following time-line was established:
 02/04/16 – Feedback due from Council via email
 02/06/16 – Town Hall meeting at the Beach House at 12:00 to review and to discuss proposed changes to the Residential Codes.
 02/08/16 – Launch and have available survey
 02/15/16 – Citizens to return survey by close of business at 5:00 pm
 02/16/16 – Survey data available
 02/23/16 – Work Session & amended drafting
 03/03/16 – Amended Draft to city attorney
 03/29/16 – Date the hearing to continue

Public Comments
John Weeks, 534 Pine Drive said that the core group had done an excellent on the research and asked what was the rush and to do the right thing. He also asked if Pine Lake was a city that needs planned development at all and that the city can live without more of it.

Mike Stuckey, Resident gave thanks and said that he was excited about the direction the city was going. He also talked about voting and being prepared as leaders of the community. He stated that he was optimistic about the female leadership on council and volunteered his expertise on procedures of council meetings and for council to come prepared to cast votes.

Keri Loomis 479 Club House Drive shared her interested in knowing what the proposed codes meat to the water and that she moved to the city because of the lake. She asked council to include information about what goes into the lake.

David Brachman, 4558 Park Drive thanked council for their work on the proposed zoning ordinance and extended his thanks to Henderson for her knowledge of zoning matters followed by a heartfelt handshake.

Brown moved that the second reading of the ordinance be on March 2nd; seconded by Pulsts and approved 4-0.

At 9:47 p.m. Brown moved to adjourn; seconded by Bordeaux and approved unanimously.

Missye Varner, Administrative Assistant

Approved minutes are posted on the website at http://www.pinelakega.com/city-government/minutes/archive-minutes/