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State of the City Town Hall February 3 & 8, 2018

Happy New Year! 

This coming Saturday, February 3rd at the Beach House we will have our 2018 State of the City Town Hall immediately following the first breakfast of the year. 2017 was another busy year with a lot of work accomplished—-and great collaboration between our elected team, our residents, our staff, and our officers. We’ll start at 10-10:15-10:30, depending on the flow of pancakes and coffee. Included in the Town Hall will be an update on the proposed city of Greenhaven (HB 644), which is currently under consideration in the legislature.

On Thursday, February 8th we’ll hold a repeat of the State of the City Town Hall for anyone who wasn’t able to make the Saturday morning meeting. This will also include a Greenhaven update current with the legislative activity of the week. 7 pm at the Beach House.

We look forward to talking with you,


Melanie Hammet

Mayor, City of Pine Lake GA