2/08/2016 Council Meeting Minutes

FEBRUARY 8, 2016
7:30 PM


Mayor Melanie Hammet called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Present were Council members Jean Bordeaux, Erika Brown, George Chidi, Tonja Holder and Mayor Pro Tem Megan Pulsts. Staff member present was City Administrator Valerie Caldwell, and Administrative Assistant Missye Varner. City Attorney Laurel Henderson, and Police Chief Sarai Y’hudah Green were not in attendance.


Hammet thanked members of Council for going above and beyond the call of duty during the last couple weeks and for the one and a half hour meeting held on Saturday, February 6th to work on the timeline for the R-1 survey. The survey is posted on the homepage of city website under Pine Lake Resources tab.
Mayor Hammet thanked Chidi for accompanying her to Mayors’ Day gathering on Sunday, February 7th.
The Mayor also thanked Bordeaux and Holder for attending a recent Atlanta Regional Commission meeting with her to view their immense data bank and that they were presented three aerial maps of the city from Allison Duncan.

Pulsts moved to adopt the agenda; seconded by Bordeaux and approved 5-0.

There were not any at this time.

 Minutes of meeting held 01/05/16 and 01/11/16 and 01/26/16
Bordeaux removed the 1/11/16 and 1/26/16 minutes from the Consent Agenda for corrections. Upon addressing the needed corrections, Holder moved to approve the minutes of 01/05/16, 01/11/16 and 01/26/16 as amended and seconded by Bordeaux and approved 5-0.

Public Hearing on Comprehensive Plan – ARC representative Allison Duncan
Duncan kicked off the Comp Plan update with this Public Hearing by briefing the community on the process, providing a time line as well as outlining opportunities for public input. She also talked about the requirements and rules as set forth by the state. Duncan said that the first meeting with the Steering Committee will be in March and that meetings will run through August 2016 ending in October with the completion of the Comprehensive Plan. Duncan explained to the citizens what the Comp Plan means to the city and advised that it required every five years. She said that the comp plan reflects ideals of the community and the direction that the city is moving.

Appointment of Steering Committee
Hammet appointed the following members, Augusta Woods, David Brachman, Shirley Kinsley, Dugan Trogden, Pat Hamilton, Rev. Dr. Keith Pasini, Gwen Robinson, Phil Howland, Vickie McCall, Art Hagar, Susan Edwards, John Weeks, and Roger Boyd. She stated she was awaiting acceptance of appointment from four other individuals. Hammet discussed appointing a secondary group consisting of previous mayors to assist with the Comp Plan, thereby capturing additional institutional knowledge. The Mayor’s Group will consist of Kathie deNobriga, Al Fowler, Mike Stuckey and Greg Zarus.
 Appointment of Commercial Work Group
Hammet appointed Council members Jean Bordeaux, and Erika Brown as well as citizens Cindy Diamond, Brandy Hall and Wayne Waltrip.

Consideration of Proposal from Economic Development Consultant
The Mayor introduced Christopher Jones, Founder of NewTown Partners to present his proposal for Consultant for Economic Development. Jones talked about his success of working with distressed commercial corridors. He also spoke about the Rockbridge Road Corridor and the commercial district in the city. Mr. Jones stated that he works on laying the foundation of planning and called the city a village. Jones said, if selected that he will work closely with the city attorney. He stated that it was time to raise the bar of the Rockbridge Road Corridor and to make it site specific. Jones advised that he would assist with marketing the city, legislation and writing of the commercial ordinance. Following the presentation, Brown moved to direct the city attorney to draft the contract between Mr. Jones of NewTown Partners and the City in the amount of $5,000.00 and to authorize the Mayor to sign on behalf of the city and was seconded by Pulsts. Approved 5-0.

Approval of Executive Session Minutes of 01/11/16
Pulsts moved to approve and seconded by Holder. Approved 5-0.

Discussion of Town Hall Meetings
Upon the discussion it was determined that meetings will be on an as needed basis with a two (2) week notice.
Public Comments
Feliz Durmas, 357 Ridge Drive asked about the location of the notices posted publically for the residential survey. She also said that she appreciated the vision and enthusiasm and spirit of the presentation from Mr. Jones. Durmas stated that there is a cycle for grant funds and that high density is not the solution for Pine Lake.

Mayor Comments
There were not any Mayoral comments.
Council Comments
Pulsts asked the Mayor about publication of the listing of the Steering Committee. Mayor Hammet stated that it will be published on the city’s website.

Chidi requested placement of body cameras for discussion on the February 23rd Work Session agenda.

Holder informed Durmas that the R-1 Residential Survey was formulated on Saturday, February 6th; sent out for final check was on Sunday, February 7th and printing of the survey and posting on city website homepage was today (Monday, February 8th). Holder stated that the survey was short and clear with five questions. It is online and returnable hard copies are available at City Hall for those that do not have internet or computer access. The survey will be on Facebook for citizen access and is open until Monday, February 15th until 5:00 pm.

Bordeaux thanked Holder for taking the survey task on and having it available so expeditiously.

Pulsts moved to adjourn and seconded by Chidi at 8:24pm. 5-0.
Missye Varner, Administrative Assistant

Approved minutes are posted on the website at http://www.pinelakega.com/city-government/minutes/archive-minutes/