MARCH 14, 2016

7:30 PM

Call to order Mayor Melanie Hammet called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Present were Council members Jean Bordeaux, Erika Brown, George Chidi, Tonja Holder and Megan Pulsts. Also present were City Administrator Valerie Caldwell, City Attorney Laurel Henderson, and Police Chief Sarai Y’hudah Green.

Pledge of Allegiance


Adoption of Agenda – Adopted on motion by Pulsts, seconded by Holder. 5-0.

Public Comments


All matters listed under this item are considered to be routine or have been previously discussed by the City Council and will be enacted by one motion.  There will not be separate discussion of these items.  If discussion is desired, that item will be removed from the consent agenda and will be considered separately.

  •  Minutes of meeting held 02/08/16 and 02/23/16-Bordeaux moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Brown. 5-0.


  • Discussion of Body Cameras for Public Safety Department – Council member Chidi A lengthy discussion ensued regarding the pros and cons of body cameras, and uncertainty of cost associated with storage.  Henderson pointed out some of the legal issues involved, and stated that dash cameras were less problematic.  Green stated that she would be in favor of dash cameras for the cars, as body cams were not her top priority.  Council discussed purchasing dash cams now and body cams in the future.  Green will provide cost information at the upcoming meeting.


  • Discussion of City’s Retirement Plan – Following a brief discussion motion was made by Pulsts to direct Caldwell to work with GMA to revise the City’s retirement plan to include ALL full time employees effective in 2017. Motion seconded by Brown and approved 5-0.
  •  Report of first meeting of the Commercial Work Group– Brown and Bordeaux.

Public Comments

Mayor Comments

Council Comment

Executive Session – Real Estate– Bordeaux moved to go into Executive Session, 2nd by Brown. 5-0.

Adjournment Motion to adjourn executive session by Chidi, second by Bordeaux and approved 5-0. Upon reconvening in regular session, motion was made to adjourn by Pulsts, second by Bordeaux and unanimously approved.  9:35 pm.