11/14/16 Action Agenda



NOVEMBER 14, 2016

7:30 PM

Call to order by Mayor Hammet at 7:30 – Present Mayor, Council members Bordeaux, Hall, Pulsts, Holder and Woods.  Also present were Chief Green, Administrator Caldwell and Attorney Henderson.

Pledge of Allegiance – led by Hammet


Adoption of Agenda- Hammet amended the agenda by adding Safe Harbor Resolution promoting diversity and inclusion. Holder moved to the amended agenda; Pulsts moved to adopt the amended agenda and 2nd by Hall; approved 5-0.

Public Comments

Approval of Minutes from Council meetings of 10/10/16 and 10/25/16 Approved 5-0 upon motion by Pulsts; 2nd by Hall.

Safe Harbor Resolution: A Resolution Promoting Diversity and Inclusion – Hammet read the resolution. Upon amending the resolution Bordeaux moved to approve; 2nd by Holder. 5-0.

Appointment of Municipal Judge for 2017 – Hammet appointed L’Erin Barnes Wiggins the 2017 judgeship.

Amendments to Sedimentation and Erosion Control Ordinance – EPD mandate – The first reading of the caption was by Pulsts. No action taken on this item & placed on December agenda.

Discussion of Pedestrian Safety and lowering of speed limit in residential area – Chief Green talked about cost and that it can’t not be enforced except through radar. Also, talked about a Slow Down Campaign.

Approval of quote for storage facility at Beach House – Jean Bordeaux- Bordeaux move to award Paul Kent the bid; 2nd by Holder and approved unanimously.

Review of Filming Ordinance – There was discussion on this item with no action taken.

Mushroom Project -Holder moved for the project to move forward; 2nd by Bordeaux.

Consideration of Chime Installation -Bordeaux moved to move forward with the with a location to be determined; 2nd by Holder and approved 4-0.

Adoption of Disorderly Conduct Ordinance – Pulsts did the 2nd reading; Pulsts motioned to approve; 2nd by Holder and approved unanimously.

Adoption of Resolution Establishing a City Motto- Bordeaux read the motto and moved to adopt the resolution; 2nd by Holder. Passed 5-0.

Public Comments

Mayor Comments

Council Comments

Adjournment- Holder moved to adjourn at 8:57 pm; 2nd by Bordeaux. 5-0.