8/29/17 City Council Meeting Action Agenda



AUGUST 29, 2017

7:00 PM

Call to order Mayor Melanie Hammet at 7:00 pm. – Council members Megan Pulsts, Jean Bordeaux, Augusta Woods, Brandy Hall and Tonja Holder. Also present was City Attorney Laurel Henderson and Chief of Police Sarai Y’Hudah-Green.  City Administrator Valerie Caldwell was not present.

 Pledge of Allegiance was led by Hammet.


Adoption of Agenda – The amendments are as following: Hammet request to remove the Executive Session Minutes of 6/27 & 8/14/17 from the Consent Agenda and Review of Fee Schedule from New Business; Woods request to remove Report on DeKalb Workforce from New Business; Hall request to add the Stand-4-Forest Resolution to New Business; Pulsts request to add the Parking Assessment Report from Green under Old Business.  Pulsts motioned to adopt the amended agenda; 2nd by Holder. 5-0

Public Comments


Minutes of meeting held:

  • Minutes of 08/14/17 meeting
  • Executive Session Minutes of 06/27/17 and 08/14/17 – Removed from consent agenda.

Bordeaux motioned to approve the minutes of 8/14/17; 2nd by Holder. 5-0


SPLOST Resolution – Project List– Pulsts motioned to approve; 2nd by Bordeaux. There was a brief discussion and placed on the 9/11 agenda to determine Town Hall Meeting on this.  5-0

Parking Assessment Report-Chief Green – There was discussion with no action taken on this item and will be placed on a future agenda.

Resolution for Annexation Map-Pulsts motioned to approve; 2nd by Holder. 5-0


Report on Makers Market – Council member Woods– There was report with no action taken on this item.

Report on DeKalb Workforce – Council member Woods – This item was removed from the agenda.

Review of Fee Schedule– This item was removed from the agenda.

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Mayor’s Comments

Council Comment

Executive Session to discuss potential Real Estate transaction-8:23 p.m. Holder motioned to enter executive session; 2nd by Hall. 5-0. There was no action taken on this item. Pulsts motioned to adjourn and enter back into the regular meeting; 2nd by Bordeaux at 8:40 pm. 5-0

Adjournment– Holder motioned to adjourn; 2nd by Woods at 8:40 p.m. 5-0.