Action Agenda 06/08/2015



JUNE 8, 2015

7:30 PM

Call to order at 7:31 pm by Pro-Tem Pulsts – Mayor deNobriga out of town

Pledge of Allegiance


Adoption of Agenda  Amended to delete Annexation Study and Tiny House presentation, and inclusion of discussion of Permitting for Public Spaces – Motion to approve as amended by Brown, second by Chidi approved 4-0

Public Comments


Approved 4-0 on motion by Brown and 2nd by Chidi

  • Minutes of meeting held May 11, 2015 and May 26, 2015
  • Adoption of Resolution # 07-2015 – Budget Amendment
  • Approval of Reorganization of Second Saturday


  •  Discussion of Carports and Garages To be transmitted by City Planner
  • Discussion of Body Cameras – Policy and Pricing No action taken 


  • Discussion of Millage Rate – Brief overview. Proposed rate at 21.402 mills down from 28.11 for 2014 – Public Hearing scheduled for 06/30/15 @ 7:00 pm in Clubhouse – Scheduled for vote to set rate at meeting on 06/30/15 beginning at 7:30 pm
  • Annexation Study – Michael David Shea Postponed to 06/30/15
  • Will Johnston – Tiny Houses Removed from Agenda
  • Discussion of Permitting of Public Spaces – application to be redrafted to require all materials to be submitted at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the event – To be placed on the 06/30/15 agenda
  • Discussion of Restroom Facilities at Beach House – Discussion regarding outside restroom and problems with misuse – Motion to close restroom for public use by Brown, 2nd by Ehrlicher approved 3-1 with Chidi opposing.

Committee Reports

Public Comments

Council Comment

Adjournment  9:29 pm on motion by Chidi, second by Stuckey.