JANUARY 26, 2016

7:30 PM

Call to order – Mayor Melanie Hammet called the meeting to order at 7:33 p.m. Present were Council members Jean Bordeaux, Erika Brown, Tonja Holder and Megan Pulsts. George Chidi was not in attendance. Staff members present were City Attorney Laurel Henderson, City Administrator Valerie Caldwell and Police Chief Sarai Y’hudah Green.

 Pledge of Allegiance


  • Adoption of Agenda– Adopted on motion by Holder, 2nd Bordeaux 4-0.
  • Appointment of Mayor Pro-Tem – Holder moved to nominate Brown; seconded by Bordeaux; then Bordeaux moved to nominate Pulsts; seconded by Bordeaux. Vote was 1-0 for Brown and Pulsts approved by 3-1 as Mayor Pro-Tem for 2016 (one a year term).
  • Appointment of the MAP (Municipal Arts Panel) Hammet read the mission statement of the newly formed MAP and appointed Diane Durrett-Chair, Eva Sotus, Corey Barksdale, Dan Edwards and Olive Weeks.
  • First reading of the revised R-1 (residential component) of the Zoning Ordinance– Bordeaux provided the first reading.
  • Public Hearing on the revised R-1 (residential component) of the Zoning Ordinance– Hammet explained the procedure by which the hearing would be conducted.  After hearing all comments the hearing was closed and council discussion began.  Written public comments submitted for consideration are on file at City Hall.  It appearing additional consideration and input was needed, the following time-line was established:

 02/04/16 – Feedback due from Council via email

  • 02/06/16 – Town Hall meeting at the Beach House at 12:00 to review and to discuss proposed changes to the Residential Codes.
  • 02/08/16 – Launch and have available survey
  • 02/15/16 – Citizens to return survey by close of business at 5:00 pm
  • 02/16/16 – Survey data available
  • 02/23/16 – Work Session & amended drafting
  • 03/03/16 – Amended Draft to city attorney
  • 03/29/16 – Date the hearing to continue

 Adjournment –At 9:47pm upon motion by Brown and second by Bordeaux.  4-0.