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1069375_340833279380186_2133158892_nPine Lake EcoArts Camp is a small, hometown day camp that’s about connecting kids to nature, having fun with friends, and fueling creativity through science and the arts.

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Session 1: Forts, Castles and Nature Art




Campers will build, sculpt, mold, and assemble site specific art . . . sandcastles, pine cone mandalas, fairy gardens, play houses made of gathered materials, woven structures and villages. Campers begin to view the natural world around them as a setting for imaginative design and tiny worlds, filled with treasures and materials for artistic exploration and expression.



Sessions 2 and 3:  Wetlands, Lake and Wildlife


2011-06-15, Pine Lake, 006, Crop


The City of Pine Lake prides itself on a commitment to environmental stewardship. We are a bird sanctuary and nationally recognized tree city with nature paths, five unique ecosystems, and a diverse population of plants and wildlife. Each day campers will become familiar with their surroundings through walks, map-making, bird watching, plant identification and cloud-watching. Campers catch-and-release minnows, frogs, salamanders, turtles, and tadpoles, creating mini habitats in which to observe them. With microscopes, magnifying glasses, and binoculars, campers open their eyes to all there is to see, both large and tiny. All the senses are engaged with a wealth of wildlife education collections on loan from the Chattahoochie Nature Center.  The scientific approach to exploring our world is integrated with appreciation of beauty, the cultivation of wonder, and by nurturing the child’s natural curiosity. Each week-long session is unique. Campers may attend one or both.


Session 4: Theater Play, Performance Arts


The Sounds of Music fill the Pine Lake area during Summer Camp


Creativity is contagious! At Pine Lake Theatre Arts Camp we believe in the creative spark in children. It is our goal to provide a safe, rich and supportive environment where creativity flourishes. Through storytelling, dance, writing, music, playacting, dress-ups, puppetry, circus arts, and more, the camp comes alive with possibility and excitement. Every day the children’s imaginings are given room for expression and appreciation. The two-week process culminates in a performance for the community that is child-inspired, child-written, and performed from the heart.


Counselors In Training 

We love our preteens and teens! Most older campers attend camp and simply enjoy all the activities and friendships. Some older campers desire more responsibility and leadership training. We invite campers aged 12-14 to apply and be interviewed for our Counselor in Training (CIT) program. Enrollment is limited and is based on experience, desire to work with children, and reliability. CIT’s receive a camp tuition reduction.



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Turtles enjoy our camp, too.
Turtles enjoy our camp, too.