Pine LakeFest – October 1 and 2! Art, Music, Food and Fun

LakeFest is a program of Pine Lake City Arts, Inc., a registered corporation separate from the city.

2016 LakeFest LogoLakeFest is Coming! October 1 and 2

On the first weekend in October each year, the diverse talents percolating through the City formally converge to host our residents’ favorite event: Pine Lake’s LakeFest! This exciting festival brings together 45 artist vendors, two dozen talented musicians, some of the best poets in Georgia, teachers and counselors from our Eco Arts Kids’ Camp, street performers, and thousands of visitors, for a full weekend of art, music, great food, and family fun.

LakeFest: Art * Music * Food * Fun

For information or special accommodations: 404-683-0597 or,, or join Pine Lake Lakefest on Facebook or Google+ here.