Council Needs your Help on Pine Lake Website

We need your input in several specific areas, as well as your general comments on what you want to see in the new website. We may not be able do everything you suggest, but we will try to incorporate as many ideas as possible.
Some of the specific areas we have identified are:
A new city motto. It should be short and catchy, and hopefully include at least two of three shared values: art, environment, and community; something in the form of, “Pine Lake, where art communes with nature.”
• We want to add a “History of Pine Lake” section to the website. If you have any historical data or pictures that you would be willing to share that would be great.
• We need high quality pictures of Pine Lake of all kinds – people, nature, lake, houses, beach, buildings, events, the dredge, casual shots – whatever you can contribute.
• When we get to the beta test version of the website we would like volunteers to test the website for navigability and general appeal.
I have setup an email address for collecting information relating to the website: You can send your comments, your pictures or other content and it will be collected from there. I will also be posting requests on the “Neighbors & Friends” Facebook group and collecting information from the replies. Click here for more information on Council’s IT Initiative.


New Facilities Policy and Clarification of “Free Event Space”

As many of you are aware, the renovation of the Clubhouse and the Beach House was undertaken largely to facilitate rental of those facilities in order to generate revenue. It was slow going at first, but in the past year (due to our highly efficient Facilities Coordinator, Cheryl Hubbard) rentals have picked up significantly.
This is a really good thing for the City and hopefully for your millage rate, but renting the facilities to numerous outside users requires a more formal approach to usage and scheduling than we have had in the past. In order to address these issues, on October 10th, 2016 Council passed a final comprehensive set of Policies and Procedures for Facilities Rental.
The Public Facilities Policies can be found on the Pine Lake Website in their entirety, but below are the highlights of what was changed/added:

• Fees have been instituted for use of all three facilities (Beach House, Clubhouse and Gazebo) including reduced fees for residents with some limitations.
• Forms and deposits have been established to be completed in order to hold a facility for an event.
• Rules have been clarified and expanded for the use of the facilities especially for events that involve minor children.
• A new Free Use policy has been initiated for Pine Lake individuals and groups. The intention of this policy is twofold: 1) to ensure that regularly scheduled community events (such as PLAIN breakfast, SALT meetings etc. are booked into the facilities calendar in order to prevent possible double booking and 2) to allow Pine Lake individuals and groups to apply for free use of facilities for events that serve the needs of the residents or community at large.

The Free Use Policy requires that twice a year residents apply for this free space for the upcoming six months. The deadlines for application are November 1st for the period January – June and May 1st for the period July – Dec. The application form is included in the Public Facility Policy, or you can use this link which will take you to a pdf of the Free Space Application only.