Beach Opening, Park Cards, Swimming, Fishing, and Trails

Pending a clean bill of health from the DeKalb Health Department,
which routinely tests our lake, we will open the lake to swimming on
May 1. We will still have the “official” opening of the Beach, along
with proper festivities, on Memorial Day weekend (probably the
Saturday of….stay tuned). We’ll announce test results when we
receive them!

Park Cards will be newly re-issued to all Pine Lake residents,
beginning May 1 at NO CHARGE. “Park Cards” will take the form of
laminated key tags and a blue rubber bracelet – residents should be
prepared to show either upon request. (Wearing the bracelet proclaims
your ‘membership’ from a distance.) A quick registration will be
required to receive a new Park Card: name; street and PO address;
emergency contact and phone number. Registration will be ongoing at
the Court Clerk’s office during office hours, and at special
community events throughout the spring (i.e., May Pancake Breakfast
and Town Hall on MAY 5!!!!)

Effective May 1,
The streets and trails of Pine Lake, including the dam and berm
trails and both wetland walks, are considered public property, and
all law-abiding folks are welcome to use them, within the current
rules. NO Park Card will be required. Police will be asked not to
challenge walkers (or runners) if all local and state laws are being
obeyed, including leash laws, open container, etc.
The use of the playground, Beach House (including porches and
restrooms), picnic tables, and the lake itself (swimming, use of
beach, fishing, floating or boating) will require a Park Card.
Non-resident guests who wish to use the playground, BeachHouse,
picnic area or lake for any reason must purchase a $50 Park Card,
good for a family of four for one year. Guests will also receive a
key tag, and a bright yellow bracelet.
*Please note that fishing from the lake is not allowed for the next
year at least, while the fish population recovers.
People may fish from the creek.