Spring Cleanup April 26

Join the newly formed Rockbridge Coalition to clean Hambrick to Hairston roadsides on April 26, Saturday 9:30 – Noon. Here is a link to the lovely flyer providing details.  Thank you!


Eco Arts Camp – June 9 – July 25

Pine Lake EcoArts Camp invites campers ages 5-14 to play, explore and create in beautiful Pine Lake, June 9-July 25.

EcoArts Camp is an independent enterprise,  operating under a city permit (pending) to utilize the beautiful lakeside and wooded trails of Pine Lake.  It is not an official function of the City of Pine Lake.

Register at EcoArts website: http://www.pinelakega.com/arts-culture/ecoarts-summer-camp/

Eco Arts Campers


November 16 Maintenance Work and Run Off Election

As part of the  ongoing maintenance of the City’s stormwater system,  a stormwater field crew along with a bobcat, backhoe and other equipment will be removing organic debris and stone from the surface of the infiltration trench and stormwater ditch down by the lake.  The work will begin around 8:00 AM on Saturday, November 16th and will be completed that day.   Thank you in advance for your patience while we work to maintain this portion of the stormwater system.

The City’s run-off election will take place in place in the Clubhouse on Tuesday, December 3rd from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.  Advance voting for this election will be held at the County Election Office located at 4380 Memorial Drive, from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM on November 20th, 21st, 22nd, 25th, 26th and 27th.   Questions regarding voter eligibility may be directed to the County Elections Office (404) 298-4020.


Pine Lake’s Rivers Alive! Wetlands, Lake, and Stream Community Clean-up 9:00 AM October 19, Saturday

Pine Lake’s Rivers Alive! Wetlands, Lake, and Stream
Community Clean-up
9:00 AM October 19, Saturday
Beach House

  •  Meet at 9:00 AM or anytime to sign in and record time with waiver form, etc. provided in front of the Beach House.
  • Report time via email, if not on the sign in sheet, to creechgreg@bellsouth.net for points and grants contribution— we will wrap-up early afternoon.
  • Catherine Fox, our environmental consultant, will work with us and provide T-Shirts, gloves, and water bottles.
  • Let me know at creechgreg@bellsouth.net what areas of our wetlands, creek, and lake should be cleaned by Thursday, 10/17/2013 as I will send a reminder on Friday with more details.

Important information from Mayor Kathie d.—Just a reminder that Pine Lake will be participating in the Rivers Alive! clean up campaign on Saturday, OCT 19, starting at 9am. (we are one of 94 Metro Atlanta efforts during the month of October)

  • Please wear appropriate clothing for stream clean up (boots, waders, old clothes) and meet in front of the Beach House!
  • Bring rakes, pitchforks, grabbers, etc.
  • We get storm water credits for our volunteer hours on this project.

Hot coffee, water, and maybe some tasty treats provided!

Greg Creech


Beach House Renovation Status

Hi, PL Community.

Pleased to inform you that progress is being made on the beach house renovation project!

In case you missed it last week, Council voted unanimously to enter into an agreement with PK Construction for the refurbishment of the beach house. And earlier today, a line of construction fencing went up around the perimeter of the beach house.

It has been a long journey, punctuated by a couple of rounds of architectural plans, a couple of rounds bidding to find a qualified contractor, etc. A lot of people have been working diligently to get us to this point. Special thanks to Mayor de Nobriga, Councilmember Diamond, Councilmember Hammet, our City Administrator Valerie Caldwell, Bitsy Pitts, Kathleen Lower and Thomas Paz. Thanks also to Matt Pulsts and Tommy Conlon for their input on the design plans.

To be clear, the chief goal of this project is to rehabilitate a building that was erected decades ago and make it safe, compliant with modern building codes and ready to rejoin the City’s lineup of facilities for rental. The roof is in bad shape. The wiring is not good. The budget is tight. And it is expected to take several months to complete the renovation.

But the first couple of signs of progress are evident. And we hope to communicate more signs of progress in the near term.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the beach house renovation. I’ll do my best to get answers. Thanks.


Brian Carr
PL City Councilmember


West Nile Results

Greetings! We received a report with the information that (so far), no West Nile activity has been observed in the Pine Lake monitoring stations. Ms Willis also sent two pdfs with maps and info, here are the links for the maps and information:

Maps and Info 1

Maps and Info 2




2013 Pine Lake EcoArts Summer Camp Announced

Pine Lake EcoArts Camp

Bridging Science and Nature through Art.  Pine Lake EcoArts Camp explores the unique ecosystems of the city of Pine Lake, connects kids to nature and fuels creativity and expression through theater, dance, music, and visual arts.

Ella Johannaber leads our Pine Lake EcoArts Summer camp, again.  We will update the website often, so please visit our page at this link EcoArts Web Page or from our menu bar above.Nature and the Arts at Pine Lake Summer Camp

Pine Lake will host 3 camps this summer for ages 5-14.

Ask about our Counselor-In-Training Program for ages 12-14.

All sessions include swimming, games and play, arts and crafts.

Session 1: June 10th-21st Forts, Castles and Sculpting with Nature
Campers will build, sculpt, mold, and assemble site specific art. Projects include a cob/mud bench, sandcastles, fairy gardens, play houses made of gathered materials, woven structures and tiny villages. Guest experts will include friends from Wild Intelligence.

Summer Camp Lake Learning and Fun

Session 2 June 24-28 and July 8-12 Our Wetlands, Lake and Wildlife
How do our wetlands work? What is the quality of the water in our city? What animals live here and what are their habits? An exploration into the five unique ecosystems of Pine Lake, its wildlife, its balance and the connection with the waterways beyond the city. Guest experts will include Pine Lake’s environmental consultant, Catherine Fox.

Session 3 July 15-26 Our Traditional Theater Arts Camp where campers write, direct and star in their own play. The culmination of all three camps is the Community Performance on Friday the 26th. Guest Artists will include Pine Lake’s own Normando Ismay.

Here is the 2013 Pine Lake Summer EcoArts Camp Registration PDF form link for you to download.

Limited full or partial scholarship are available (submit scholarship request PDF form at this link) – Scholarship Form.

Call Ella with any questions 404 277-5747.



Pine Lake Autumn Clean-up

Here is a list of locations and tasks in no particular order for our clean-up this weekend; I’m certain the list will expand before Saturday. So, choose an activity and enjoy!

  • Beach House and Park areas – pruning, raking, gardening, trash pick-up, weed whacking, and other yard work,
  • Berm and Bridge Planters – Planting flowers, gardening, weed removal, and pruning,
  • Limb and branch removal from our streets – Pick-up and dispose of tree limbs, branches, sticks, etc.,
  • Spruce and Spring Street planters – Flower donations from Lalah, Megan P., Greg C, and Jean – clean-up, gardening and planting flowers,
  • Entrances to the city – planting flowers, pruning, raking, trash pick-up, gardening, weed eating, and generally making a visitor’s first impression to our town a pleasant one,
  • Gazebo area – pruning, raking, trash pick-up, cleaning, sweeping, weed whacking,
  • Tulah’s yard on Lakeshore – spread mulch and chips in the yard,
  • Eastern and Western Wetland Entrances – spread chips around plants, improve entrance appearance to these areas with pruning, raking, weed whacking, and general clean-up,
  • Rockbridge Road Sidewalk – trash pick-up, pruning and cleaning,
  • Lake banks – raking, weed whacking, and trash pick-up,

Please sign the waiver form and sign-in/sign-out sheet for our in-kind contribution for grants and promotion at the table in front of the Beach house.  You may volunteer anytime and perform any task you wish. I will set-up the sign-in/sign-out table in front of the Beach House with other information at 9:00 AM – Saturday and Sunday. We will have trash bags, water, snacks, and other items in front of the Beach House, too.

If you need me for motivation, direction, complaining, or task assignment, I will be helping to install bird houses and assisting in cleaning the Beach House and Gazebo area on Saturday.  I’ll be in church Sunday after 10:00 AM repenting and then cleaning our parks after 1:00 PM.  You may volunteer next week too, just send me your activity, time, and contact information for our volunteer forms.

THANK YOU! Let’s appreciate, clean, and beautify our village as we prepare to welcome our guests next weekend and to enjoy our autumn together.

Greg Creech 404-299-1706


Pine Lake reopens for swimming YEAH!

Effective 08/09/2012 – Thursday – Recent testing indicates the bacteria level in the lake has dropped
significantly and the lake is now open.


Lake Closure – Until further notice

The City has been advised by the DeKalb County Board of Health that beach water testing indicates a high level of bacteria that increases the risk of illness.  As such, the lake is temporarily closed.  For your protection, please refrain from entering the water at this time.

Dear swimmers,
There’s been some confusion about the lake closing, so I wanted you
to know that apparently City Hall is having some tech difficulties
(under repair right now), and NEITHER announcement about the lake
closing went through.

The lake is indeed closed til further notice. Any time the test comes
back from the County, showing more than 200 ppm (I recall, we post a
listserv notice and signs. Don’t know if the signs have been posted,
as I’m still out of town.

As Zarus already posted, the County is in the habit of coming back
and re-testing if we receive a ‘fail.’ I imagine our testing results
are partially due to the reported recent arrival of 50 Canadian
geese! The lake dredging IS helping with this, with the deeper
depths. I have no doubt that the lake would have been closed earlier
in the summer, with that first horrid heat wave, without the dredging.

Your patience with the natural world and its processes is appreciated.

Kathie deNobriga
PO Box 1087 * Pine Lake * GA 30072-1087
404-299-9498 (home, office & fax)
678-427-9673 (cell)