Bird Watch Walk, Breakfast and a Town Hall – Saturday, August 4

Join Kris Casariego and Frank Brown at the entrance to the Western Wetlands as they lead us on a Bird Watch at 8:00 AM. The Ann McAllister Memorial Fund Committee (aka The Bird Committee) will host the PLAIN Breakfast at the Clubhouse on Saturday, August 4, 8:30 – 10:00 as us birds of a feather flock together and enjoy breakfast and bird activities. We will have bird and bat houses for adoption funded by Ann McAllister and have displays for bird viewing platforms and other ideas. The cost is $6.00 for the breakfast or $5.00 if you bring your own eating utensils, plates, cups, etc. Please volunteer to help prepare sausages, eggs, pancakes, watermelon, juice/coffee, and other breakfast items.  Here is a PDF with more information for you to share: Pine Lake Breakfast Flyer.

Following the breakfast Pine Lake will hold its quarterly Town Hall meeting at 11:00 – 12:30.

Come out and enjoy a Saturday morning at the Western Wetlands with a bird watch and then breakfast at the Clubhouse followed by a Town Hall.





Eight Hundred New Neighbors – Fish Delivery #1

 Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eight Hundred New Neighbors

                                                       Channel Catfish

On June 23rd Pine Lake welcomed the first round of fish into our brand-new lake—-not counting the creek fish that had already set up housekeeping. This small delivery of approximately eight hundred catfish and grass carp and next week’s large delivery will effectively restock the lake with a desirable balance of species and a balance of prey and predator.
Watch for an announcement about the big delivery this coming week. On or around June 30th a tanker truck filled with five thousand 3-4 inch fish will deposit its contents into the water.
For the half-dozen residents who watched the first delivery, this will be dramatically different. For anyone who missed the first delivery, watch it here:

The Latest Dredge Report

Time for a new Dredge Report, including algae control, new kiosks, and other lake news. Enjoy!


Beach Opening, Park Cards, Swimming, Fishing, and Trails

Pending a clean bill of health from the DeKalb Health Department,
which routinely tests our lake, we will open the lake to swimming on
May 1. We will still have the “official” opening of the Beach, along
with proper festivities, on Memorial Day weekend (probably the
Saturday of….stay tuned). We’ll announce test results when we
receive them!

Park Cards will be newly re-issued to all Pine Lake residents,
beginning May 1 at NO CHARGE. “Park Cards” will take the form of
laminated key tags and a blue rubber bracelet – residents should be
prepared to show either upon request. (Wearing the bracelet proclaims
your ‘membership’ from a distance.) A quick registration will be
required to receive a new Park Card: name; street and PO address;
emergency contact and phone number. Registration will be ongoing at
the Court Clerk’s office during office hours, and at special
community events throughout the spring (i.e., May Pancake Breakfast
and Town Hall on MAY 5!!!!)

Effective May 1,
The streets and trails of Pine Lake, including the dam and berm
trails and both wetland walks, are considered public property, and
all law-abiding folks are welcome to use them, within the current
rules. NO Park Card will be required. Police will be asked not to
challenge walkers (or runners) if all local and state laws are being
obeyed, including leash laws, open container, etc.
The use of the playground, Beach House (including porches and
restrooms), picnic tables, and the lake itself (swimming, use of
beach, fishing, floating or boating) will require a Park Card.
Non-resident guests who wish to use the playground, BeachHouse,
picnic area or lake for any reason must purchase a $50 Park Card,
good for a family of four for one year. Guests will also receive a
key tag, and a bright yellow bracelet.
*Please note that fishing from the lake is not allowed for the next
year at least, while the fish population recovers.
People may fish from the creek.


Tour of Homes – May 6

2012 Pine Lake Tour of Homes – May 6

Want to get an inside look at some of Pine Lake’s unique homes?

Then join us for the Third Annual Tour of Homes, Sunday, May 6, from 1-5pm.

Advance tickets are $18 (available at City Hall, or from LakeFest volunteers), and include a wine-tasting from 5-7pm.

Proceeds go to support City Arts!!!

For more information, call 404-299-9498

2012 LakeFest Art

2012 LakeFest Art Work by Kim Larsen

Here’s a link for the lovely 2012 Tour of Home PDF Flyer.


Pine Lake Leaf Crew

At the direction and leadership of Mayor Kathie deNobriga and Director of Public Works, Phil Howland, they and a crew of volunteers helped clean our city’s leaf bags and streets.  Congratulations on a great job and for all these volunteers accomplished.


Pine Lake Leaf Crew

Pine Lake Leaf Crew, THANKS!



Beach House Renovation Meetings – Details Below

Council & Mayor have been discussing the renovation of the Beach House for some time, and we’re excited to announce that the DeKalb County’s Department of Community Development has earmarked a grant of $100,000 through the Community Development Block Grant. Matched with Pine Lake’s own bond money, we should have enough funds to renovate the beach house, expand the porch, and add a deck (which will double as a performance venue). The first phase is the deck, and preliminary drawings of the proposed addition will be shared at the City Council work session on Tuesday, November 29. The meeting will be held in the City Hall and begins at 7:30pm. Because of Council’s extensive budget discussions that night, we won’t have a lot of time to discuss this, but invite you to a gathering dedicated solely to this project, at 6pm on Monday, December 5 at the Beach House. (NOTE THE TIME: we wanted to do it early, so we’ll have some daylight.) There will be an open discussion, asking for public input on what “your-ideal-Beach-House-would-include”, and a walk around to see just what is proposed in the drawing. This will be a very important meeting and everyone is encouraged to attend. Thank you, and see you there! — Kathie deNobriga PO Box 1087 * Pine Lake * GA 30072-1087 404-299-9498 (home, office & fax) 678-427-9673 (cell)


The Dredge Report Card 11/8/2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Dredge Report Card


Until a few weeks ago, the flow into the lake was controlled by a contraption consisting of a Stop sign wrapped in a plastic bag. Low-concept; low-design; very effective. As the dozens of residents witnessed on October 30 with the turning of the red wheel (see photos below), the city now has something even better than a Stop-In-A-Bag: three separate valves that attenuate water flow into the lake and the creek.
Temporary Sign

The Old Temporary Sign

Stop in a Bag - Water Flow Control

Effective, Cheap and Ugly Stop in a Bag Water flow control

"New" Technology for Water Flow Control

"New" Technology for Water Flow Control

However, the time it takes to fill the lake will depend on several factors. If the weather is wet, not only will the rain contribute water to the lake bed but it will also keep the stream flowing at a rate that doesn’t require turning off the valves to ensure stream health. Here’s a description from Paul Simpson, our project engineer:

The rate at which the lake will fill is dependent on several factors. First and foremost of course is the weather. This is the driest time of the year so that the flow in Snapfinger Creek is very low. As we are filling the lake, the State requires that the flow in the creek be maintained to at least minimum levels known as the “7Q10”. This equates to what is known as the “base flow” conditions in the stream. If we were to pull too much flow from the creek, it would harm the ecosystem of the creek, which of course we do not want to do. Our maintenance crews will be checking frequently on the flow in the creek and the inflow to the lake and will be adjusting the flows as needed to maintain the proper stream flow.

Meanwhile, there are many tasks that remain on the “punch list,” including:
*the landscape architect finishing the design of our banks and berms
*general clean-up and restoration of swings, signs, and debris
*AND the re-opening of the road by the end of the week

Turn it on! Fill ‘er up! Join us Sunday, 10/23/2011, 4:00PM the Great Refill – Pine Lake becomes a Lake, again!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


wait for it . . . wait for it . . .
This Sunday, October 23rd at 4:00 p.m. the water to fill the lake will be turned on. Officially and with great festivity.
Everyone who wants to see the first filling waters since March will gather at the path into the Eastern Wetlands and commence celebrating the return of our lake at the speed of 700 gallons a minute!
Bring cameras and champagne.

Dredge Report – Who’ll Stop the Rain 10/11/11

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who’ll Stop The Rain?

This is the latest aerial photograph of the lake project. Nearly all the changes to the structure are clearly visible, from the new beach sand to the re-sculpted lake bed. The work on the west end of the lake isn’t as clearly depicted, but there aretiny construction vehicles—take a close look.

Evidence of the next stage has appeared in the grass next to the Gazebo: the construction of a bio-retention feature designed to manage stormwater run-off from Hemlock, Magnolia, and Clubhouse Drive. Current run-off flows directly into the lake, carrying with it all the pollutants it picks up as it flows downhill. Prior to this installation the city has used a shallow trench and sandbags to direct the water from the street.
The new system will arrest and delay the flow, allowing time for the water to percolate and clean before it makes its way into the lake. The above-ground surface will be planted as a rain garden.
Click on any of the photographs for a closer look.