Latest Dredge Report – The Sand Man Arrives 09-26-2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Give Me Sand, Lots Of Sand.

If you happened to miss the biggest sandbox in the history of Dekalb County, suffice to say that many of the Pine Lake kids did NOT. If there are photos of the beach frolic that happened several times over the past weekend, please post to the FaceBook site!
This morning a single bulldozer started spreading the sand across the beach and swimming area, beginning a smooth and graduated slope into the new depth.

The work continues on several fronts: in addition to the beach area and the road work, the new surface for the trail on top of the impoundment (the “back berm”) should be laid this week.

Even though the lake of LakeFest won’t be in attendance, Floatzilla rages on as Boatzilla. Original “walking boat” designs will enter the competition this year: think “walk or run” instead of “sink or swim.”

Become the Boat


Pine Lake Dredge Report – 09/19/2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

System of a Down

Down goes the road: this creates a spillway for any future flood events. The previous road height created a block in the path of overflow.
Down goes the pitch of the northern stream bank: the finished stream will handle creek flow completely differently from the previous vertical banks. The “new” creek better accommodates rising waters, slows down the rate of flood current, creates better habitat, and addresses erosion problems on both banks.
Down goes the bed of the swimming area: in the next several workdays the engineers will determine the water level at “full pool,” which will be demarcated by string attached to posts in the lake bed. Within the next two weeks we can also expect the delivery and installation of fresh beach sand.
Pound by pound and inch by inch the dirt is removed, graded, raked, sculpted, hauled, trenched. Slowly our precious lake takes shape.

Pine Lake Dredge Report – 09/12/2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

All Quiet On The Eastern Front

Why are the machines sitting idle?
On August 22nd the city council voted in a special session to include the swimming area in the scope of the streambank restoration project (a.k.a. “The Dredge”). The army corps of engineers determined that shaping the interior banks of the berm, clearing out under the bridges, and removing silt from the bed of the swimming area qualified as part of the project: this means that the federal money CAN be used to do this work. It will be paid for by the grant.
As part of this additional work, permitting specific to the swim and beach area must be completed before the machines can move in and begin the work. This paperwork turnaround is estimated to take ten days.
This week we can expect to see progress on the north bank of the stream (the house side), where clearing and brush cutting has already started. By mid-week the county will begin preliminaries for adjusting the water line that runs beside the portion of street slated to be lowered for the creation of a spillway (
The result? By the time Thanksgiving rolls around the city will begin to see the rewards of the hard work, patience, and difficult choices (e.g.,the necessary tree removal) Come summertime 2012 when we are swimming in a cleaner lake with a newly poured beach of white sand, we’ll all be reaping the great benefits of our vastly improved environment.

Ann McAllister Memorial Fund Meeting – 09/15 – 7:00PM – Beach House

The Ann McAllister Memorial Fund Committee will meet at the Beach House 7:00 PM on Thursday, September 15. The committee members include but are not limited to: Suzanne Hurley, Candy Howland, Ella Johannaber, and Greg Creech. Everyone is welcomed to attend and participate.

We fondly call ourselves the For the Birds Committee, since Ann’s bequest centered around birds including bird habitat, education, etc. We are in the stages of developing the committee and this week’s agenda includes: report on next steps from previous meeting, discussion of bylaws, and communication with Council.   Members of the committee have visited a park near North DeKalb Mall with a bird sanctuary and are planning other field trips to gain ideas about how to honor Ann’s bequest and memory.


The Latest Dredge Report and Videos

The Latest Dredge report of September 8 is now posted with two new videos!

Watch them here:



Bank on it! Pine Lake Dredge Report

Monday, August 29, 2011 Bank On It Within the next day or so a process called “hydroseeding” will be applied to the newly graded (and very bald) banks of our lake. Phil Howland describes the steps and ingredients here:


Latest Dredge Report – 08/23/2011

A Bird’s Eye View

The DR is now home from summer vacation, just in time to receive these fantastic aerial photographs. The visible channels are part of the habitat structures that have been assembled and the repurposed tree trunks and root balls have been positioned for lots of swimming and spawning. Fish only.
What’s next?
The largest portion of the lake bed is complete. Tonight (August 23) the city council will review the project budget and vote on amendments to upcoming steps. These amendments are specific to three project areas:
1/upgrading the valve systems that control water flow into and out of the lake
2/changes to stabilization of the northern steam bank (the side with houses)
3/dredging the swimming area to restore the internal banks of the surrounding berm and to optimize water quality
The heavy machinery will be out of the large portion of the lake next week. The remaining steps to completion (not including the budget amendment vote tonight) are these:
*lowering the road between the lake and the western wetlands (below the tennis courts) to create a spillway
*creating the bioretention area next to the gazebo
So–million-dollar question: WHEN WILL WE START FILLING THE LAKE????

The official Best Conservative Guess, give or take a week—-early October.

Special Called Meeting Tues, 08/23/11, 7:30PM

This coming Tuesday night, August 23, 2011, there will be a special called meeting of Council to discuss additional work on our lake and environmental project. All interested parties please attend. The time is 7:30 PM and the place is City Council Chambers unless otherwise posted.


Latest Dredge Report

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Heat Goes On

The Streambank Creation
The Streambank Restoration
Trucks in, trucks out: The lake bed is shaped and sculpted for habitat with plateaus and root balls from several of the felled trees. The dog days of the project are happening now—some rain; lots of excessive heat. Clay has been trucked in and compacted against the dam and fish “shelves” are being established along the perimeter of the lake and the inner berm.

Go Jump in the Lake(bed) – Saturday, July 23, 10:00AM

Go Jump In The Lake(bed)!

Phil Howland takes us on a tour of the bottom of the lake—- a fish- eye view! Meet on the inner berm closest to the gazebo and wear something that can take a little mud. Open to kids of all ages.
Melanie Hammet