Facility Rules, Regulations, & Rental Fees and RESIDENT Free Event Space, Forms & Procedures


This signed copy of these Rules and Regulations must be submitted to City Hall with a Deposit of $200 in order to confirm the booking.

Name of Event: _________________________ Event Date:  ______________________

Contact Name and Phone No.: ________________________________________________

E-Mail Address: __________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________

Facility Requested: _________ Beach House       _______ Clubhouse        ________Gazebo

Purpose of Event: ________________________ Number of People in Attendance: _______

Hours of Event (including set up and clean up): _____________________________________

Some circumstances may allow for tighter time frames or additional fees on rentals as agreed by the City of Pine Lake.  These circumstances should be set and agreed upon at signing of this document.

We appreciate your feedback so we can continue to give great service.  Please let us know how we may better serve you by contacting our Program/Events Coordinator at pinelakerentals@gmail.com.



_______________________________        ___________________________

Signature of Renter                                                                            Date


  DEPOSIT PAID $________________              DATE PAID _______________

  BALANCE DUE $________________              DATE PAID _______________





  1. The Clubhouse and Beach House are maintained as City amenities for the residents of Pine Lake.   Residents receive a discount on rental fees, but must pay the appropriate damage deposit and cleaning fee, as well as submit a completed rental agreement.   Proof of residency is required (such as a utility bill) to receive the discount.   The deposit and the completed rental agreement are required to be submitted to City Hall before a date for an event can be secured on the calendar. The agreement and deposit may be mailed to City Hall at the address listed, or submitted to the City Administration offices. If City Hall is closed, you may drop the agreement and the deposit through the mail slot of the door at City Hall.

The Gazebo on the lake is also available as an amenity for residents, and offered as a rental area for non-residents.   The Gazebo is available to residents without a rental fee or rental agreement; however, a rental contract and deposit is required for exclusive use.  While no damage deposit is required, non-residents pay a rental fee and complete a rental agreement to be submitted to City Hall to save the date on the facility calendar.  The rental fee paid by non-residents ensures private use of the area.

  1. The Deposit amount should be paid separately from other fees. It is accepted in the form of a personal check, money order, certified check, or cash. The deposit will be deposited in the bank.  Deposits are to reserve the facility. It is refunded only after the Program/Events Coordinator verifies that the facility was undamaged during the rental period and if it was vacated at the end of the paid rental period. Special Use Permits require a $200 Deposit. Please allow 14-30 days for deposit refunds.

The Renter shall be liable for all damages occurring during the agreed rental times, including:

  • Damages to the facility, furnishings, and/or grounds
  • Facilities, furnishings, and/or grounds that are not left in clean condition at the conclusion of the rental period. Facility must be left in the condition as it was rented
  • Improper conduct of any renter or guest including, but not limited to abusive or threatening language, physical violence, lewd behavior, or possession of weapons
  • Only masking tape, or painters tape may be used on top of the window and door frames or the porches. Use of any other kind of tape, nails, tacks, screws, and staples is prohibited and will be assessed as damages

The privilege of renting extends to the buildings and porch areas only.  The park areas outside the buildings are public and cannot be rented.

Renters must observe all beach and park rules, including no swimming after dark.

NO admission may be charged at events at any facilities, although voluntary donations may be accepted.

All music must stop at 11:00 pm to comply with City noise ordinances.

Rental rates are for 8 hour periods. This includes decorating and cleanup.   If it is an evening event, the facility must be vacated and locked by Midnight.

Adopted by Council 06/13/16

  1. Fee structure
    a. Cleaning fees will be $40/day up to $200/week charged only for actual cleanings required for intervening event rentals.
  1. Beach House – $400 per day / $1,750 five consecutive days / $2,200 seven days
    c. Club House – $300 per day / $1,250 five consecutive days / $1,750 seven days
    d. Gazebo – $50
  2. Resident Rentals – Each individual resident (18 years of age or older) of Pine Lake is entitled to:
    a. Gazebo rental – FREE. There will be a $30.00 fee charged for electricity turned on.
    b. Beach House rental – 50% discount for one event per year (discount may be applied for up to             seven days for a week long event) or equivalent recurring events such as classes
    c. Club House rental – 50% discount for two events per year (discount may be applied for up to 14 days) or equivalent recurring events such as classes
  3. Residents will be required to pay appropriate cleaning fees and deposit for all free space.
  4. Employees of Pine Lake may use (with 60 days’ notice) one free rental day per year subject to facility availability
  5. Free space for Residents
    1. Residents who would like free space for an event must submit an application to City Hall by November 1st (for January 1 to June 30th events) and May 1st (for July 1 to December 31st events) indicating the dates/times they would like to use a Pine Lake rental facility for free for the upcoming calendar year. Pine Lake will make application forms available no later than January 2nd each year.

Pine Lake officials will evaluate all requests and assign free spaces in a manner that is fair and equitable to every resident of Pine Lake and in consideration of expected rental demand for each facility.

Residents who do not complete the application by the due dates will be unable to receive free rental facility space for the subsequent 6-month period. Pine Lake staff will review applications.

  1. Deposits may be retained to cover any additional time used by a renter beyond the contracted period of rental.
  2. Renters who fail to meet requirements of a rental contract may be prohibited from renting a Pine Lake Facility for 12 months.
  3. Any renter conducting a public event in which unaccompanied minor children are in attendance is required to submit complete background checks for all staff and volunteers. Background checks and a complete insurance policy must be submitted and approved by the City at least 60 days prior to the event. Renters are encouraged to check with the City for list of insurance requirements prior to obtaining necessary insurance. No permit for the event will be issued unless all background checks and a insurance policy is submitted and approved by the City.
  4. Renters shall avoid all implication that the event is an official City event, avoiding words such as “hosted”, “sponsored”, or “organized”, etc., by the City of Pine Lake. When referring to the location, use “Pine Lake” rather than the “City of Pine Lake.” Violation of policy will result in forfeiture of deposit.
  5. Renters shall be required to pay additional charges incurred by the police to provide security and public works for their event.


In accordance with local government fire regulations, occupancy limits have been set for the safety of facility users. No more than 156 people may be in the Clubhouse at any one time, and a limit of 129 people in the Beach House. Please note that parking is limited.

  • SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED in any of the rental facilities, or within 25’ of the structures or anywhere on the beach.
  • NO INDOOR COOKING is allowed in any facility.   The kitchens are warming kitchens, provided to keep food warm, or prepare beverages.   Coffee Pots, crock pots, and other small appliances which keep foods and beverages warm are allowed, however cooking is not allowed.
  • FIRES MAY NOT BE LIT at any time. This includes the use of candles, which must be approved by the Facility Coordinator in advance and noted on the rental agreement.

A fire extinguisher is prominently located in each rental facility.


Renters are responsible for the conduct of their guests and the City assumes absolutely no liability for injury incurred during the course of this rental.

Children must be supervised at all times. No one under the age of 21 is allowed to rent the public buildings. When minors under the age of 18 are attending a private function, the City requires 1 chaperone per 15 children/youth. Attendance by chaperones is required at all times.

The City of Pine Lake is not responsible for any property left by renters.


 Refunds due to cancellations will be issued in the following manner:

    100% Refund – City Hall must receive a request in writing 30 days or more prior to the event.         A $25 Processing Fee will be subtracted from the refund amount

       50% Refund – City Hall must receive a request in writing 8 days to 29 days prior to the event. A $25 Processing Fee will be subtracted from the refund amount

       No Refund will be paid for cancellation requests received less than 8 days prior to the event.

City Hall will not accept verbal cancellations. If cancellations and requests for refunds are not received in writing, no refund will be issued.

Refunds will be sent by mail within 2 weeks of approved cancellation request.



       Application for

        Free Event Space

             Forms and Procedure 



Any resident of Pine Lake is invited to submit applications (due November 1st for Jan-June of the following year or May 1st for July – Dec).  Applications will be evaluated by Pine Lake staff, including at least the City Administrator and Program/Events Coordinator.

The City Administrator will submit to the City Council by the work session following the deadline a packet to include: all applications, a summary list of applications and staff scores, a set of staff final decisions regarding the distribution of free event space with explanations if necessary.

Any applicant who wishes to appeal the decision of the staff may present their appeal to the City Council at the following City Council meeting.  The City Council may vote on each appeal by either granting the appeal or upholding the staff decision.


      1. Resident application form

2. Staff scoring sheet



Resident Application Form for Free Event Space


RESIDENT NAME: ___________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________

PHONE: ______________________  EMAIL:_____________________________________________

  1. What day(s) are you requesting free space?  ______________________________________________
  1. What facility are you requesting? _____________________________________________________
  1. Describe the event you wish to hold on that day(s): _________________________________________
  1. Is your event open to the public? _______________
  1. Are unaccompanied minor children going to be present at your event? ___________________________
  1.  Will any participant be charged admission to your event?    _____ yes   _____ no                      1. If yes, how much will participants be charged for entrance? ______
  1.  Is an under served population benefiting from your event? _____ yes   _____ no                        1. If yes, please explain what population and how they are benefiting:
  1.  Are Pine Lake residents benefiting from your event? _____ yes   _____ no                                 1. If yes, please explain how Pine Lake residents are benefiting from your event.
  1. Are you flexible on the date/time or facility you require for your event? _______________



Staff Signature: ________________________   Date:__________________________