How it Works

  • Those registered to vote in the City elect a mayor and 5 city council members on a staggered schedule. City Council meets on the second Monday and last Tuesday of every month at 7:30 PM in the Courthouse. There are also quarterly Town Hall meetings for more extended discussions between residents and elected officials.
  • City Council is a policy body that makes the laws (ordinances) of the City,
  • The Mayor executes the laws passed by the Council (i.e., the Mayor is equivalent to the President and Council to Congress).
  • Two departments report directly to the mayor:
  • Administration, headed by the Director of Administration and including the City Clerk and Public Works,
  • The Police Department, headed by a Chief of Police.
  • The best ways to know what is going on are:
  • Come to Council meetings and Town Hall meetings and ask questions!
  • Several City officials are usually at each Pancake Breakfast on the first Saturday of every month. We try to introduce ourselves to newcomers there.
  • We always need volunteers for committees – there are standing committees and there are sometimes short-term committees for special tasks. Contact the Mayor or a Council Member.

Elected Officials:

Kathie de Nobriga, Mayor

Megan Pulsts, Mayor Pro-Tem and Council Post 2

George Chidi, Council Post 1

Erica Brown, Council Post 2

Lynn Ehrlicher, Council Post 4

Mike Stuckey, Council Post 5

City Staff 404-292-4250

Police Chief Sarai Y’hudah-Green

Director of Administration Valerie Caldwell