Notes from City Hall


Highlights from February and March, 2011 Council meetings

  • Assigned two councilmembers (Cindy Diamond and Melanie Hammet) to meet with the lake contractors to provide another layer of oversight to the project.
  • Held two called meetings to discuss the Capital Improvements budget (February 28 and March 21)
  • Approved two resolutions in honor of Arbor Day and Earth Day
  • Heard a report from the Tree Authority Board, including the news that Pine Lake has again been named a Tree City and also received a Growth Award in recognition of its efforts with the city arborist
  • Approved a contract for New Tricks to undertake a renovation of the city’s website
  • Approved costs for emergency police car repair that did not follow standard procurement policy
  • Heard a short presentation from Jason Warner from DeKalb County Board of Health for pending smoke-free place legislation
  • Heard a status report from Public Works Director Phil Howland about the state’s risk assessment report and steps being taken to address short-comings
  • Assigned a sub-committee to research interest in filling the unfinished term of Greg Creech (see below)
  • Voted to approve the regular re-certification of Pine Lake as a City of Ethics


Run, Baby, Run…..

Half of Pine Lake’s elected officials could change at the end of this year: two council posts and the mayor’s terms are ending. Persons interested in running must qualify during the week of August 29 through September 2 (8:30am to 4:30 pm) by completing an application and paying a filing fee (3% of the gross salary of each post, equal to $108 for Mayor and $18 for Council members). Also, remember that the final day to register to vote in Pine Lake is October 11, 2011.


May 12 Town Hall, Thursday 7:30

For those of you just tuning in, Town Halls are quarterly gatherings, facilitated by your elected officials, that provide time and space for information-sharing, discussion and dialogue on all-things-city.  Agenda for the next Town Hall on May 12 includes looking at the plans for improvements to public space: a fence between the playground and the lake and a new garden in front of the Clubhouse in honor of Ann McAllister, funded by a bequest from Ann. Citizens will help build the rest of the agenda: bring your questions and concerns!  Can’t come?  the next Town Hall will be the first Saturday in August, following the Pancake Breakfast.


Lake Progress

Have you signed up for the Dredge Report?  It’s the best way to stay abreast of the progress and activities of the lake project. Sign up to receive regular emails, send in questions, or volunteer for the committee working on the aquaponics site. Email <>


Heart-Felt Thanks!

On March 21, Greg Creech resigned his council post, citing increased family obligations and the need to build his business during these economic times. Greg has made immeasurable contributions to the City, from helping to implement new financial oversight tools, serving as co-chair of the Neighborhood Watch committee for several years, along with Faye Ridling, revising the Lake and Beach Rules every year, and much much more.  His attention to detail, commitment to principles and wacky sense of humor were much appreciated during Council meetings. When you see Greg walking the lake, caring for his mom and (one day) swimming in the lake, please join us in expressing thanks for a job well done as a steward of the public trust.  (Greg’s term would have ended in December of this year, and the remaining time in his term will be filled by Council appointment. Melanie Hammet and Kathie deNobriga are the two council members charged with soliciting and suggesting a replacement.

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