Fence Permit

Fence Permit

Chapter 6-3-7, Sections 10, paragraphs 1- 7 and Section 17 paragraph 1

Chapter R-1 6-3-7

Section 10. Walls and Fences – $25 inspection fee required

1. The height of walls and fences, including wall/fence combinations, and including

screening walls, retaining walls, and free-standing walls, when located in the front

yard will be forty two (42) inches or less; when located in the side yard and within

ten (10) feet of the primary dwelling’s front facade, will be forty two (42) inches or

less; and in all other areas will be six (6) feet or less.

2. On corner lots, the height of screening walls, retaining walls and any free-standing

wall located in side or rear yards within ten (10) feet of the street right-of-way will

be forty two (42) inches or less; and fences located on top of such walls will have a

total wall and fence combination height of six (6) feet or less.

3. Walls and fences originating above ground level for the purpose of screening decks,

porches, balconies, or similar outdoor structures, will have a height of forty two (42)

inches, or less, above such structure’s floor; unless such structure is located entirely

in the rear yard and is not seen at any point from the street.

4. Retaining walls, which are greater than forty two (42) inches in height and are

within ten (10) feet of any front or side property line, are not permitted to have a

combined length greater than twenty (20) linear feet.

5. Walls and fences will not extend beyond property lot lines.

6. Walls, fences and hedges will not extend into any adjacent public right-of-way or

public open space, and will in no case be located closer than six (6) feet from any

street curb or edge of street pavement.

7. The finished side of any two-sided fence will face the street, lake, park, trail, or

other public area.

Section 17. General Prohibitions

The following is prohibited on all lots, including within any type of development, within

the R1 District. See other sections of this chapter for additional prohibitions.

1. Chain link, barbed wire, razor wire, chicken wire and similar fencing elements,

except that chicken wire may be used for containing composting areas, vegetable

garden areas, or poultry and small livestock areas, where such areas are allowed.