Plans and Proposals

Draft Annexation Work Group Update for City Council and Map

Comprehensive Plan Final 2016

Pine Lake Atlanta Regional Commission Report from Leadership Retreat in August, 2013.


Please be advised the City of Pine Lake is accepting bids for the remodeling of our Beach House. Below is a link to the PDF detailing the bid process and meetings.

Advertisement to Bid – Beach House.


Memorial Day Celebration with Neighbors, Rep. Michele Henson, Mayor Greg, and Chief Y'hudah-Green

Memorial Day Celebration with Rep. Michele Henson, Neighbors, Mayor Greg, and Chief Y’hudah-Green


ine Lake, like most municipalities, has a Comprehensive Plans and other supporting plans to help us in our growth, grants, and setting our priorities.  Our Comprehensive plans are reviewed and updated periodically.  Our current Comprehensive plan and addendum links are featured below for you to view/print our plans in PDF.  Thank you!
Comprehensive Plan

Technical Addendum to the Pine Lake Comprehensive Plan

Market Plan – 2008

Market Plan – Executive Summary – 2008

Thank you.