Building Permits

DRAFT of Pine Lake Commercial Ordinance Amendments

Amending the Zoning Ordinance are as following:

  • Section 6-3-10 including repeal of the UP Uptown Pine Lake District and addition of a new commercial zoning district
  • Chapter 6-3-11 Mixed Use Overlay,
  • Chapter 6-3-13 Special Use Permits; Section 6-3-5 Definitions
  •  Section 6-3-6 as well as a new Zoning Map

Pine Lake Zoning Map 1/11/17


A permit is required for many situations, including additions or new construction equalling 100 square feet or more, facade changes/removals equalling 25% or more, and additions of impervious surfaces like patios, walkways, driveways, decks, and garden pavilions. These are only a few examples.

Please Review the Pine Lake Zoning Code to determine requirements before beginning any remodeling, construction, electrical, structural, plumbing, or hardscaping projects.

Download Pine Lake Residential Zoning Code

Building fences and tree removal also require permits please consult with City Hall.

All forms and permits are available at City Hall.