Council Needs your Help on Pine Lake Website

We need your input in several specific areas, as well as your general comments on what you want to see in the new website. We may not be able do everything you suggest, but we will try to incorporate as many ideas as possible.
Some of the specific areas we have identified are:
A new city motto. It should be short and catchy, and hopefully include at least two of three shared values: art, environment, and community; something in the form of, “Pine Lake, where art communes with nature.”
• We want to add a “History of Pine Lake” section to the website. If you have any historical data or pictures that you would be willing to share that would be great.
• We need high quality pictures of Pine Lake of all kinds – people, nature, lake, houses, beach, buildings, events, the dredge, casual shots – whatever you can contribute.
• When we get to the beta test version of the website we would like volunteers to test the website for navigability and general appeal.
I have setup an email address for collecting information relating to the website: You can send your comments, your pictures or other content and it will be collected from there. I will also be posting requests on the “Neighbors & Friends” Facebook group and collecting information from the replies. Click here for more information on Council’s IT Initiative.