Dredge Report – Who’ll Stop the Rain 10/11/11

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who’ll Stop The Rain?

This is the latest aerial photograph of the lake project. Nearly all the changes to the structure are clearly visible, from the new beach sand to the re-sculpted lake bed. The work on the west end of the lake isn’t as clearly depicted, but there aretiny construction vehicles—take a close look.

Evidence of the next stage has appeared in the grass next to the Gazebo: the construction of a bio-retention feature designed to manage stormwater run-off from Hemlock, Magnolia, and Clubhouse Drive. Current run-off flows directly into the lake, carrying with it all the pollutants it picks up as it flows downhill. Prior to this installation the city has used a shallow trench and sandbags to direct the water from the street.
The new system will arrest and delay the flow, allowing time for the water to percolate and clean before it makes its way into the lake. The above-ground surface will be planted as a rain garden.
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