Facility Rental Policy

Adopted by Council 06/13/16

A. Fee structure
a. Cleaning fees will be $40/day up to $200/week charged only for actual cleanings required for intervening event rentals.
b. Cancellation fee of half of contract will be forfeited if cancellation is made less than one week prior to the event.
c. Beach House – $400 per day / $1,750 five consecutive days / $2,200 seven days
d. Club House – $300 per day / $1,250 five consecutive days / $1,750 seven days
e. Gazebo – $50

B. Resident Rentals – Each individual resident (18 years of age or older) of Pine Lake is entitled to:
a. Gazebo rental – FREE
b. Beach House rental – 50% discount for one event per year (discount may be applied for up to seven days for a weeklong event)
c. Club House rental – 50% discount for two events per year (discount may be applied for up to 14 days)

C. Employees of Pine Lake may use (with 60 days notice) one free rental day per year subject to facility availability

D. Free space for Residents
Residents who would like free space for an event must submit an application to City Hall by November 1st (for January 1 to June 30th events) and         May 1st for July 1 to December 31st events) indicating the dates/times they would like to use a Pine Lake rental facility for free for the upcoming           calendar year. Pine Lake will make application forms available no later than January 2nd each year. Pine Lake officials will evaluate all requests             and assign free spaces in a manner that is fair and equitable to every resident of Pine Lake and in consideration of expected rental demand for               each facility. Residents who do not complete the application by the due dates will be unable to receive free rental facility space for the subsequent         6 month period. Pine Lake staff will review applications.

2. Update contract language to reflect that damage deposits cover any additional time used by a renter beyond the contracted period of rental.

3. Renters who fail to meet requirements of a rental contract may be prohibited from renting a Pine Lake Facility for 12 months.

4. Any renter conducting a public event in which unaccompanied minor children are in attendance is required to submit complete background checks for all staff and volunteers. Background checks and a complete insurance policy must be submitted and approved by the City at least 60 days prior to the event. Renters are encouraged to check with the City for list of insurance
requirements prior to obtaining necessary insurance. No permit for the event will be issued unless all background checks and a complete insurance policy is submitted and approved by the City.

5. Marketing material for all public events must be submitted to the City for approval at least one week prior to being released.