July 1st: Juanita Towns Day

This past Tuesday evening Pine Lake City Council adopted a resolution honoring Juanita Towns by declaring today, July 1st, Juanita Towns Day. The declaration of Juanita Towns Day was the collective effort of Nita’s community through PLAIN, Nita’s church, and Nita’s city.

In her many decades as a resident of Pine Lake, Nita has served on City Council, and helped found the current Seniors And Law Enforcement Together (SALT) group, and cared for our city in countless ways. Her wisdom, perspective, and humor has provided great help and calm to our leadership (even as recently as yesterday).

If you do not know Nita personally, today is an opportunity to take a moment and reflect on what we each contribute to the lives of our neighbors.

If you do know Nita and want to know how best to celebrate her day: notes, flowers, brief visits, hilarious jokes, and a promise to vote for the SPLOST if it gets on the November ballot. No kidding.