Lake Closure – Until further notice

The City has been advised by the DeKalb County Board of Health that beach water testing indicates a high level of bacteria that increases the risk of illness.  As such, the lake is temporarily closed.  For your protection, please refrain from entering the water at this time.

Dear swimmers,
There’s been some confusion about the lake closing, so I wanted you
to know that apparently City Hall is having some tech difficulties
(under repair right now), and NEITHER announcement about the lake
closing went through.

The lake is indeed closed til further notice. Any time the test comes
back from the County, showing more than 200 ppm (I recall, we post a
listserv notice and signs. Don’t know if the signs have been posted,
as I’m still out of town.

As Zarus already posted, the County is in the habit of coming back
and re-testing if we receive a ‘fail.’ I imagine our testing results
are partially due to the reported recent arrival of 50 Canadian
geese! The lake dredging IS helping with this, with the deeper
depths. I have no doubt that the lake would have been closed earlier
in the summer, with that first horrid heat wave, without the dredging.

Your patience with the natural world and its processes is appreciated.

Kathie deNobriga
PO Box 1087 * Pine Lake * GA 30072-1087
404-299-9498 (home, office & fax)
678-427-9673 (cell)