Latest Dredge Report – 08/23/2011

A Bird’s Eye View

The DR is now home from summer vacation, just in time to receive these fantastic aerial photographs. The visible channels are part of the habitat structures that have been assembled and the repurposed tree trunks and root balls have been positioned for lots of swimming and spawning. Fish only.
What’s next?
The largest portion of the lake bed is complete. Tonight (August 23) the city council will review the project budget and vote on amendments to upcoming steps. These amendments are specific to three project areas:
1/upgrading the valve systems that control water flow into and out of the lake
2/changes to stabilization of the northern steam bank (the side with houses)
3/dredging the swimming area to restore the internal banks of the surrounding berm and to optimize water quality
The heavy machinery will be out of the large portion of the lake next week. The remaining steps to completion (not including the budget amendment vote tonight) are these:
*lowering the road between the lake and the western wetlands (below the tennis courts) to create a spillway
*creating the bioretention area next to the gazebo
So–million-dollar question: WHEN WILL WE START FILLING THE LAKE????

The official Best Conservative Guess, give or take a week—-early October.