Latest Dredge Report – The Sand Man Arrives 09-26-2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Give Me Sand, Lots Of Sand.

If you happened to miss the biggest sandbox in the history of Dekalb County, suffice to say that many of the Pine Lake kids did NOT. If there are photos of the beach frolic that happened several times over the past weekend, please post to the FaceBook site!
This morning a single bulldozer started spreading the sand across the beach and swimming area, beginning a smooth and graduated slope into the new depth.

The work continues on several fronts: in addition to the beach area and the road work, the new surface for the trail on top of the impoundment (the “back berm”) should be laid this week.

Even though the lake of LakeFest won’t be in attendance, Floatzilla rages on as Boatzilla. Original “walking boat” designs will enter the competition this year: think “walk or run” instead of “sink or swim.”

Become the Boat