March 9, 2015 Action Agenda



MARCH 9, 2015

7:30 PM

 Call to orderby Mayor Kathie deNobriga at 7:33 PM. All were present.

Pledge of Allegiance


Adoption of Agenda – Brown moved to adopt the agenda and to add an Executive Session for a personnel matter, 2nd by Stuckey. Approved 4-0 with Mayor Pro-Tem Pulsts abstaining.

 Public Comments


 All matters listed under this item are considered to be routine or have been previously discussed by the City Council and will be enacted by one motion. There will not be separate discussion of these items. If discussion is desired, that item will be removed from the consent agenda and will be considered separately.


  • Minutes of meeting held 02/09/15 and 02/24/15

Ehrlicher moved to approve the Consent Agenda, 2nd by Brown. Approved 5-0.


  • Discussion of Unauthorized work performed at Beach House

After discussion additional requirements and restrictions were put in place. Ehrlicher moved to approve, 2nd by Stuckey. Approved 4-1 with Pulsts opposing.

  •  Review of Fee Schedule

Discussion with no action taken on this item. Item placed on the 3/31/15 Work Session.

Brown and Ehrlicher to present proposed changes at Work Session.

 Discussion of Options posed by Consultant Bill Johnston

Discussion with no action taken.


  • Moratorium

After discussion Pulsts moved to approve Resolution No. R-05-2015 effective March 9, 2015 until September 9, 2015, 2nd by Brown. Approved 5-0.

 Committee Reports

Public Comments

Council Comment

Adjournment Brown moved to adjourn into Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter, 2nd by Ehrlicher. Pulsts objected the motion. Discussion ensued, regarding breach of confidentiality. Brown withdrew the motion, 2nd by Ehrlicher. Stuckey moved to adjourn, 2nd by Ehrlicher. Approved 4-1 with Pulsts opposing. 9:05 PM.