Mayor Kathie deNobriga – Important Message – Revenue,Taxes, and Meetings

Dear Community,
We have received notification from DeKalb County that the total property values in Pine Lake have decreased another $3.5 million from last year, resulting in 18.7% decline in our anticipated revenues. In order to keep the city’s budget at current levels, the “rollback rate” for 2012 would need to be set at 24.190 mils — that’s 24.19¢ in city taxes for every $1,000 of your taxable property value (40% of your appraised value).  A public hearing will be conducted on Tuesday, June 26 at 6:30pm, prior to the Work Session at the Clubhouse; a Mayor’s Listening Session on Saturday, June 30 (11am at the Clubhouse) will be devoted to the topic as well. The final public hearing and vote to set the rate is scheduled for July 9, 2012 at the council meeting (7:3pm, CourtHouse).
Councilmember Cindy Diamond and resident Jonny Coe have created a detailed schedule of each property in Pine Lake (commercial as well as residential), showing this year and last year’s assessed values, and taxes at the current millage rate (19.6), at the advertised rate (24.19) and two rates in between. This analysis will be available at all three public meetings (properties are listed only by address, not name).
Concurrent with the deliberation on where to set the millage rate, is the conversation about how to cut the balance of the 2012 budget in line with the decrease in revenues, and how best to budget our diminished resources in 2013.  Your input to those decisions are welcome as well.
Kathie deNobriga
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