Trash and Yard Waste

A company called Robertson Sanitation picks up household trash and materials for recycling. Pick up is usually early on Thursday mornings, and all trash/garbage must be bagged and in a garbage can with a lid.  You can put your garbage cans out on Wednesday evening; please store them again, out of sight of the street, by Friday at noon. City Hall can supply recycling bins if you need one.

The waste management company picks-up leaves, yard waste, and limbs. Other material (leaves, grass, yard clippings) must be bagged in paper yard waste bags or trash cans. Storm water rules prevent us from leaving such material loose in the gutters.

The City will pick up furniture, appliances, and building materials for a charge to cover transportation and dump fees; usually these are $15 – $50. Paint cans will be picked up if the paint has dried up or if the cans have been filled with sand to absorb the paint. Large items, such as refrigerators, furniture, or other debris will be picked-up using the form below. After you complete the form below, we will provide an estimate of services cost. Pick up is on Monday and Tuesday; you are encouraged to use the form below for special pickups and to call City Hall to alert them to your need for a pick up at 404-292-4250.

For an attractive PDF flyer click this link for Debris and Yard Waste Regulations.  Thank you.

Request for Special Trash Pick-Up

  • The City will not pick-up old tires. The City will pick-up old paint cans if the paint is dry inside the containers. If you have a tree professionally removed, please have your tree removal company remove all the logs and limbs. The City doesn't have the equipment to handle large logs, limbs, or root balls. There is a charge for special pick-ups. The charge is dependent on the size, weight and quantity of debris. The charge will be assessed before confirming a pick-up date and time. Thanks, City of Pine Lake 404-292-4250