Pine Lake Autumn Clean-up

Here is a list of locations and tasks in no particular order for our clean-up this weekend; I’m certain the list will expand before Saturday. So, choose an activity and enjoy!

  • Beach House and Park areas – pruning, raking, gardening, trash pick-up, weed whacking, and other yard work,
  • Berm and Bridge Planters – Planting flowers, gardening, weed removal, and pruning,
  • Limb and branch removal from our streets – Pick-up and dispose of tree limbs, branches, sticks, etc.,
  • Spruce and Spring Street planters – Flower donations from Lalah, Megan P., Greg C, and Jean – clean-up, gardening and planting flowers,
  • Entrances to the city – planting flowers, pruning, raking, trash pick-up, gardening, weed eating, and generally making a visitor’s first impression to our town a pleasant one,
  • Gazebo area – pruning, raking, trash pick-up, cleaning, sweeping, weed whacking,
  • Tulah’s yard on Lakeshore – spread mulch and chips in the yard,
  • Eastern and Western Wetland Entrances – spread chips around plants, improve entrance appearance to these areas with pruning, raking, weed whacking, and general clean-up,
  • Rockbridge Road Sidewalk – trash pick-up, pruning and cleaning,
  • Lake banks – raking, weed whacking, and trash pick-up,

Please sign the waiver form and sign-in/sign-out sheet for our in-kind contribution for grants and promotion at the table in front of the Beach house.  You may volunteer anytime and perform any task you wish. I will set-up the sign-in/sign-out table in front of the Beach House with other information at 9:00 AM – Saturday and Sunday. We will have trash bags, water, snacks, and other items in front of the Beach House, too.

If you need me for motivation, direction, complaining, or task assignment, I will be helping to install bird houses and assisting in cleaning the Beach House and Gazebo area on Saturday.  I’ll be in church Sunday after 10:00 AM repenting and then cleaning our parks after 1:00 PM.  You may volunteer next week too, just send me your activity, time, and contact information for our volunteer forms.

THANK YOU! Let’s appreciate, clean, and beautify our village as we prepare to welcome our guests next weekend and to enjoy our autumn together.

Greg Creech 404-299-1706