Pine Lake Dredge Report – 09/19/2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

System of a Down

Down goes the road: this creates a spillway for any future flood events. The previous road height created a block in the path of overflow.
Down goes the pitch of the northern stream bank: the finished stream will handle creek flow completely differently from the previous vertical banks. The “new” creek better accommodates rising waters, slows down the rate of flood current, creates better habitat, and addresses erosion problems on both banks.
Down goes the bed of the swimming area: in the next several workdays the engineers will determine the water level at “full pool,” which will be demarcated by string attached to posts in the lake bed. Within the next two weeks we can also expect the delivery and installation of fresh beach sand.
Pound by pound and inch by inch the dirt is removed, graded, raked, sculpted, hauled, trenched. Slowly our precious lake takes shape.