Street Captain List

Pine Lake’s Neighborhood Watch


Tree Side of Lake

Clubhouse Dr. Lisa Kellerhouse  
Dogwood Rd. Cre Sechrist  
Forrest Rd. Sharon B McMahon  
Lakeshore Lisa Lee  
Hemlock Dr. Debbie Ornelas  
Magnolia Dr. Brian & Beth Carr  
Oak Rd.    
Pine Dr.    
Poplar Rd. Patrick Haase  
Spring Dr.    
Spruce Dr.   (Poplar to Park) Greg Creech  

Flower Side of Lake

Beaver Rd. Charlotte Neil  
Dahlia Dr. Charlotte Neil  
Grove Rd. Mike Day  
Iris Dr.    
Ivy Rd. Faye Ridling  
King Dr. Mike Day  
Laurel Rd. Nita Towns  
Olive Rd. Matt Pulsts  
Orchid Dr.   (Olive to Dead End) Faye Ridling  
Orchid Dr.   ( Spruce to Olive) Paul Jasonawski  
Park Dr.      ( Laurel to Ivy) Candi Howland  
Park Dr       (Spruce to Laurel) Mike Day  
Ridge Dr.    (Laurel to Dead End) Glenn Abuwan Weinstein  
Ridge Dr.    ( Laurel to Spruce) Linda Orgain  
Spruce Dr.  (Park to Ridge) Liana Artinian