The Dredge Report #7

The Dam,The Berm,The Streambank The Dike, The Impoundment

Call it what you will. The earthen dam that separates the lake from the creek will be completely re-sculpted over the next several weeks.

Created in 1952, the dike (as it was referred to then) was created to the best of the city’s ability at the time. Unfortunately this included planting trees which over time have become a threat to the structural integrity of the earth that keeps the lake out of the creek–and vice versa.

At the start of the lake project thirty-one trees were originally marked for removal. The dam was reevaluated early last week and it was determined that more trees will need to be removed than was first expected. Removal will begin within the next week or two. This is unfortunate, to say the least, but obviously very necessary. Parts of the trees will be repurposed to create habitat; apparently the remains of a Christmas tree can be seen in the lakebed surrounded by indications of fish activity.

Dozens of stakes were inserted into the lakebed last week. Each of these indicates the depth of the dig in that area, so please don’t remove them. There will also be “plateaus” created in the lake bottom to give our fish places to lay eggs.

In case you missed the second round of fish relocation last Thursday, an estimated 2500 fish were taken from the small pool of remaining water and transferred into the creek, one basket at a time.

We’ve been told to expect equipment to move in by the end of this week or early next week. Of course, any rain can greatly affect the timeline.