Town Hall – Thursday, November 1, 7:00 PM Clubhouse

Greetings community!

The LAST Town Hall of 2012 is scheduled for Thursday, November 1 at
the Clubhouse, beginning at 7pm.

There are two major items of business at this time:
1) review of the 2013 budget (copies available on site, and also on
line after the Town Hall meeting)
2) community input into the new McAlister Park, led by Brent Walker
who is helping us develop a “concept site plan” for our funding
agency (it’s a federal HUD grant administered through DeKalb County,
in the form of a Community Development Block Grant).

Council may add other agenda items after Tuesday (Oct. 30) Work
Session. And as always, there will be time for your questions,
concerns and comments about other items. We will aim to be finished
no later than 9pm.

BUDGET NOTE: The 2013 budget is based on the CURRENT tax digest, at
the CURRENT millage rate. The budget that we will review includes
2012 budget figures, year-to-date actuals, and proposed 2013 figures,
along with explanatory notes. There will be an official public
hearing on the budget at the beginning of the November Council
Meeting (November 12), and we hope to approve the budget at the Work
Session on Tuesday, November 27.

See you there!

Kathie deNobriga
PO Box 1087 * Pine Lake * GA 30072-1087
404-299-9498 (home, office & fax)
678-427-9673 (cell)