The City of Pine Lake Zoning Ordinance

Table Of Contents

Chapter 6-3-1. Introduction

Section 1. Repeal of 1986 Zoning Ordinance as Amended, adoption of 2009 Zoning Ordinance in lieu thereof

Section 2. Authority

Section 3. Validity

Section 4. Conflicts

Section 5. Purpose and intent

Section 6. Effective date

Section 7. Jurisdiction

Section 8. Title


Chapter 6-3-2.  Zoning Map and Districts

Section 1.  Official zoning map

Section 2.  Authentication; location for public inspection

Section 3.  Authority to interpret zoning map

Section 4.  General districts established

Section 5.  Conditional zoning

Section 6.  Recording amendments to official zoning map

Section 7. Replacement of official zoning map

Section 8. Rules for interpreting the official zoning map


Chapter 6-3-3. Application of Regulations

Section 1.  Intent

Section 2. Yards and lots


Chapter 6-3-4. Nonconformities

Section 1. Intent

Section 2. Legal nonconforming and illegal nonconforming 

Section 3. Maintaining legal status of nonconforming structures

Section 4. Maintaining legal status of nonconforming lots

Section 5. Special exceptions for nonconforming lots

Section 6. Nonconforming uses

Section 7. Special exception for expansion of nonconforming uses


Chapter 6-3-5. Definitions

Section 1. Application

Section 2. General

Section 3. Definitions

Section 4. Illustrations of definitions related to the UP District


Chapter 6-3-6. Streets and Blocks

Section 1. Scope

Section 2. Purpose

Section 3. Definitions

Section 4. Measurements

Section 5. Block sizes

Section 6. Sidewalks

Section 7. New streets

Section 8. Alleys

Section 9. Pedestrian crossings

Section 10. Illustrations of typical mid-block sections in the UP district


Chapter 6-3-7. R1 Residential District

Section 1.  Scope of Provisions

Section 2.  Purpose and Intent

Section 3.  Definitions

Section 4.  Yards and Lots

Section 5.  Principal Permitted Uses

Section 6.  R1-PD  Residential District Planned Development Subarea

Section 7.  Open Space

Section 8.  Landscaping

Section 9.  Height

Section 10. Walls and Fences

Section 11. Parking, Driveways and Access

Section 12. Materials

Section 13. Limitations on Construction on a Concrete Slab

Section 14. Fenestration

Section 15. Accessory Dwellings

Section 16. General Requirements

Section 17. General Prohibitions

Section 18. New Homes

Section 19. Heritage Home Status

Section 20. Illustrations


Chapter 6-3-8. R2 Residential District

Section 1. Scope of provisions

Section 2. Purpose and intent

Section 3. R1 district requirements apply

Section 4. R2 Yard and lot requirements

Section 5. No R2 property eligible for heritage home status

Section 6. Annexed properties assigned an R1 District


Chapter 6-3-9. UP Uptown Pine Lake District

Section 1.  Scope of provisions

Section 2.  Purpose and intent

Section 3.  Definitions

Section 4.  UP District subareas

Section 5.  Permitted principal uses

Section 6.  Open space requirements

Section 8.  Sidewalk area and streets

Section 9.  Site limitations

Section 10. Street facades

Section 11. Buffers adjacent to R1 and R2 districts

Section 12. Screening loading and service areas

Section 13. Affordable housing requirements and incentives

Section 14. General requirements


Chapter 6-3-10. OS Open Space District


Section 1. Scope

Section 2. Purpose and intent

Section 3. Council approval of any construction

Section 4. Permitted uses

Section 5. Permitted buildings and structures


Chapter 6-3-11. Reserved

Chapter 6-3-12. Subdivision of Land

Section 1. Purpose and intent

Section 2. Applicability

Section 3. Conservation subdivision

Section 4. Lots

Section 5. Zero lot line subdivision of townhouses and duplexes


Chapter 6-3-13. Special Permits

Section 1. Intent and types of special permits

Section 2. Special permit required prior to other permits or certificates issued

Section 3. Determination of uses not specified

Section 4. Limitations on special permit approval

Section 5. Criteria for administrative approval of a minor request

Section 6. Conditions attached to special permits

Section 7.  Use standards

Section 8. Special permit general application requirements

Section 9. Special use permit, additional application requirements

Section 10. Administrative permit, additional application requirements

Section 11. Special exception, additional application requirements

Section 12. Special use permit, authorization and procedure

Section 13.  Administrative permit, authorization and procedure

Section 14. Special exception, authorization and procedure

Section 15. Special exception for reduction of parking and loading requirements

Section 16.  Special exception for reduction of parking for senior housing 

Section 17. Special exception for increased height of walls and fences


Chapter 6-3-14. Variances

Section 1. Intent

Section 2. Procedures

Section 3. Variances related to flooding

Section 4. Required findings for variances

Section 5. Conditions

Section 6. Variances apply to property

Section 7. Limitations on council authority

Section 8. Special exceptions

Section 9. Administrative approval of minor requests


Chapter 6-3-15. Amendments

Section 1. Purpose

Section 2. Amendments authorized

Section 3. Limitations on frequency of application affecting the same property

Section 4. Time limitations on reports to council regarding zoning amendments

Section 5. Public hearings

Section 6. Council action

Section 7. Council policy for zoning amendments

Section 8. Changes made to amendments after proceeding begin

Section 9. Zoning amendment criteria

Section 10. Application requirements for zoning amendments

Section 11. Conditional zoning

Section 12. Administrative approval of minor site plan amendments


Chapter 6-3-16. Appeals 

Section 1. Appeals taken

Section 2. Stay of proceedings

Section 3. Public hearing

Section 4. Findings sustaining an appeal

Section 5. Majority vote required

Section 6. Administrative powers related to appeals

Section 7. Authority to grant variances related to appeals

Section 8. Conditions


Chapter 6-3-17. Administration, Building Permits and Enforcement

Section 1. Zoning official

Section 2.  City clerk responsible for maintaining records at city hall

Section 3. Duties of city officers and employees regarding enforcement

Section 4. Required fees 

Section 5. Building permit required

Section 6. Building permits must conform to zoning ordinance

Section 7. Conditional zoning and variances apply to all permits

Section 8. Penalties for violation

Section 9. Additional remedies for violations

Section 10. Prosecution under prior zoning


Chapter 6-3-18. General and Supplementary

Section 1. Measurements taken horizontally and vertically

Section 2. Accessory uses and structures

Section 3. Location of structures and landscaping for convenient access

Section 4. Building setbacks

Section 5. Transit shelters

Section 6. Height exclusions and special exception for increased height

Section 7. Parking space requirements

Section 8. Antennas

Section 9. Prohibited outdoor storage of junked motor vehicles and equipment