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Public Works at Public Works

Pine Lake's  Municipal Arts Panel has launched "Public Works at Public Works," the City's first public art exhibit on its new Art Wall!

On SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 7-10 p.m., the long-awaited installation on our outdoor exhibit space was lighted and the “Public Works at Public Works” installation launched during an opening ceremony and reception at the Clubhouse. Much of the neighborhood and many special guests came out to celebrate! Driving into Pine Lake this summer, you will see the exhibit on your right, along Clubhouse Drive, across from the Clubhouse and fronting the Public Works building. 

Mayor Hammet and MAP Chair Diane Durrett thanked the donor (who chose to remain anonymous) whose generous grant made the exhibit possible, and the many volunteers who worked on the project, and introduced Jennifer Bridges, Cindy M. Brown, Matthew J. Collins, Dwight Harriman, Kari Loomis, Julie Odom and Danielle S. Ross, whose photos are featured on the wall. The opening also featured a slide show of images submitted by all the talented Pine Lake photographers who shared their views of Pine Lake for this project.

Guests enjoyed music by the Mike Z Jazz Combo while lounging on the Clubhouse porch (decorated for the evening), munching on snacks, drinking lemonade and libations, talking to the artists and perusing their artwork.

Photos of the opening are available on the Pine Lake Municipal Arts Panel–MAP facebook page. The winning photos (left to right) included:

1.    "Great White Heron on the Bridge" by Julie Odom
2.    "Bee on Redbud" by Matthew J. Collins
3.    "Swim Time" by Cindy M. Brown
4.    "Bee on Flower" by Jennifer Bridges
5.    "Mama and Babies" by Cindy M. Brown
6.    "Monarch and Bee on Butterfly Bush" by Kari Loomis
7.    "Pine Lake at Sunset" by Julie Odom
8.    "Mayor at the Lake" by Danielle S. Ross
9.    "Foggy Reflections" by Julie Odom
10.  "My Secret Place" by Danielle S. Ross
11.  "Pie-billed Grebe" by Kari Loomis
12.  "Ice on the Lake" by Dwight Harriman